Grand Canyon Hiking and Backpacking

Hikes listed in reverse chronological order (most recent first).

Phantom Creek Phantom Creek, 2005
Splashing up Phantom Creek in the Grand Canyon.
Hermit to Bright Angel Hermit to Bright Angel, 2005
A two day backpacking trip from Hermit to Bright Angel in the Grand Canyon.
South Kaibab Variation, 2005 South Kaibab Variation, 2005
The Notch Route and Miners Trail -- variations to the lower South Kaibab Trail.
Huxley Terrace, 2004 Huxley Terrace, 2004
Down the South Bass Trail to the edge of the Huxley Terrace.
North Bass Trail, 2004 North Bass Trail, 2004
A 3-day backpacking trip on the North Bass Trail.
Clear Creek, 2004 Clear Creek, 2004
A visit to Clear Creek and Cheyava Falls, the Grand Canyon's highest waterfall.
Yuma Point, 2003 Boucher Trail to Yuma Point, 2003
Along the Boucher Trail to a spectacular view point.
Utah Flats, 2003 Utah Flats, 2003
A backcountry hike on the Utah Flats Route.
Rim to RIm to Rim, 2003 Rim to Rim to Rim, 2003
From the South Rim to the North Rim and back, 41 miles in the Grand Canyon.
Grandview, 2003 The Grandview Trail, 2003
A dayhike down the Grandview Trail to Horseshoe Mesa and beyond.
Phantom Ranch Phantom Ranch, 2003
The Wyant family spends two nights at Phantom Ranch.
Cedar Ridge Cedar Ridge, 2003
A dayhike on the South Kaibab Trail to Cedar Ridge.
wyant_clark The Wyant-Clark Visit, 2002
Millie, Ralph, Kay and Lyle visit Arizona.
Plateau Point Plateau Point, 2002
Cindy and Dave take a Grand Canyon helicopter ride and then hike to Plateau Point
Nankoweap The Nankoweap Trail, 2002
Dave and the guys backpack the Nankoweap Trail.
Hualapai River Runners Rafting the Colorado, 2002
Cindy and Dave go on a one-day Colorado River rafiting trip with the Hualapai River Runners
The Royal Arch Route The Royal Arch Route, 2002
Dave and the guys visit Royal Arch Canyon and Elves Chasm
The Grand Loop The Grand Loop, 2002
The classic loop -- down the South Kaibab Trail, visit Phantom Ranch, and climb out the Bright Angel Trail
SpurTrail Colorado River Spur Trail, 2001
A trip to the Colorado River on a little known spur trail.
Tonto Trail The Tonto Trail, 2001
A loop hike on the South Kaibab, Tonto, and Bright Angel trails
Skeleton Point Skeleton Point, 2001
Down the South Kaibab Trail to Skeleton Point.
Boucher 2001 Bass to Boucher, 2001
Down the South Bass, along the Tonto, and up the Boucher Trail.
Grandview Trail Horseshoe Mesa, 2000
A hike to Horseshoe Mesa on the Grandview Trail.
Beamer Trail The Beamer Trail, 1999
A hike to the Little Colorado River in the Grand Canyon.

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