Backpacking in West Clear Creek, 1998

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West Clear Creek     Winding for 30 miles, West Clear Creek is the longest drainage that cuts through the Mogollon Rim in central Arizona. This perennial stream offers some truly wild terrain for exploring. Most of the canyon bottom is rugged and trailless.
West Clear Creek
Pondering the flow. We will cross this stream several times.
West Clear Creek
West Clear Creek is a continually flowing stream in central Arizona.

Canyon hiking  offers a pleasant alternative to mountain hiking. The grades are often easy and the water is a welcome relief on hot days. We walked upstream for 5 miles, made camp, and then walked back out the next day.
Backpacking along a stream can be fun. Often there are swimming opportunities.
A peaceful campsite beside the stream.
Wildflowers. 'Spreading fleabane', we think.

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