160 Miles on the John Muir Trail,   1992

My first exposure to California's Sierra Nevada came in the summer of 1990 when I had the opportunity to participate in a five-day group hike with friends from my workplace in Phoenix, Arizona. It was far and away the most beautiful area I had ever hiked in. I liked it and I wanted more.

In January of 1992, I began thinking about a second trip to the Sierras and came up with the following plan: a point-to-point, one-way trip along the southern most 160 miles of the John Muir Trail. The trip began at Devils Postpile National Monument and followed the JMT south to its terminus on the summit of Mt. Whitney. This trip encompassed 160 miles over 11 days.

  Read Dave's trip journal online.
  Download Dave's trip journal   (MS Word format, 36 pages)

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