Rogers Canyon, 2002

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Rogers Canyon  lies in the remote, eastern Superstition wilderness and offers a pleasant change from the harsh, dry desert climate of the more popular western half of the Superstitions. The canyon contains a lush growth of vegetation and provides a different kind of hike than the classic, rugged desert surrounding the better known regions of Weavers Needle, Peralta Canyon and LaBarge Canyon. During much of the year, a spring-fed stream flows through the canyon and produces a riparian habitat abundant in plant and bird life. When Cindy and I visited the canyon on New Years Day, 2002, the stream was dry and the many sycamore trees had shed their leaves. Soon to come, the spring season will see flowing water and tempting pools that allow real, backcountry swimming opportunities.

Rogers Trough
Rogers Trough Trailhead
Upper Rogers Canyon
Upper Rogers Canyon
Dry streambed
Typical vegetation
Lower Canyon
Lower Rogers Canyon
Cliff dwellings sign

The most common destination along the Rogers Canyon trail is the cliff dwellings in Rogers Canyon. Residing mostly in small caves, these 600 year old ruins are well preserved remnants of the Salado Indian civilization. Although it is unknown as to why the original inhabitants left their lovely home, it is easy to see why they settled there in the first place.

Small cave
Cindy in the small cave
Small cave
The small cave
The outer house
The outer house
In the large cave
The main dwelling
Main Dwelling
in the large cave
Looking out the door

On our way back toward the trailhead, we took the short side trip up Grave Canyon to see the makeshift grave of Elisha Marcus Reavis (1827-1896). Reavis was a remarkable recluse who homesteaded nearby Reavis Ranch for over 20 years in the late 1800's when the region was wild and unsettled. Having met his demise through unknown causes, his body half-eaten by coyotes, he was found and buried in this remote canyon 4 miles from his home. Click here to read more about Elisha M. Reavis.

Vegetation in Grave Canyon
Reavis Grave
And headstone

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