Peralta Dayhikes

Photos from several dayhikes starting at the Peralta trailhead in the Superstition Wilderness.

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The Peralta trail is a deservedly popular climb to Fremont Saddle, which offers an impressive view of Weavers Needle. This is probably the best-known most highly visited trail in the Superstition wilderness.
Cholla and poppies Cholla and poppies were samplings of the abundant desert flora. Family outing at Fremont Saddle
The Macurs, Wyants and Packards at Fremont Saddle.   Weavers Needle in the background.

Beyond Fremont Saddle, the Peralta trail passes tantalizingly close to Weavers Needle, an eroded volcanic plug that juts sharply toward the sky. We followed less-travelled trails that encompassed the needle in a 12-mile loop.
Weavers Needle Weavers Needle is a favorite rock-climbing destination. A climber fell and died on the weekend that we were here. Spring wildflowers Plentiful spring rains provided for a dazzling display of desert wildflowers in 1998.

East of Peralta lies equally beautiful, but less-visited desert scenery. Barkley Basin is a stunning example of how lush a desert can be. Randolph creek is one of many, many streams in the Superstitions that flow only during the wet times of the year.
Miners Needle Cindy and Dave in Barkley Basin, East of the Peralta trailhead.   Miners Needle in the background. Randolph Creek at Reeds Water Looking East up Randolph Creek.   At Reeds Water, 6 miles East of the Peralta trailhead.

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